A Vision 30 Years in the Making is
Ready for its Next Act

Thirty years after the transformative investment that reimagined the prominent stretch South Broad Street into one of Philadelphia’s grand boulevards, Avenue of the Arts, Inc. is building a plan to refresh, reactivate, and reinvest to benefit the diverse populations of residents, businesses, commuters, students, artists, and visitors.

This plan re-envisions Avenue of the Arts as a modern, dynamic, arts-focused destination that will continue to attract visitors, residents, and businesses. Keeping pace with Broad Street’s transformation into a mixed-use residential and arts corridor, this plan creates new opportunities for gathering, working, relaxing, and supporting businesses that meet the needs of residents and welcome visitors from around the world.

This vision plan positions Avenue of the Arts as the front door to and “Center Stage” of Philadelphia’s cultural and performing arts scene. Our vision is to reintroduce and elevate Avenue of the Arts and create a new setting of high-quality public spaces between 13th and 15th Streets from City Hall to Washington Avenue that will connect with and complement the historic core.

This is especially important now, as the entire City of Philadelphia will be on the world stage in 2026 in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the United States. Realizing Broad Street’s transformation now is critical.

Bird's eye view of street