Friends Theater Club: Sh*theads

Friends Theater Club: Sh*theads

Avenue Friend's Special Event

Join the Friends Theater Club to see a new play by the Azuka theater!

About the Play:

Bert’s Bikes and Sports, a neighborhood bike shop in lower Manhattan, is on its last leg. Customers have vanished, the shop across the street is poaching their best mechanics, and the new guy they just hired doesn’t even own a bike. Now that Alex has finally been promoted to manager, he’ll need to get creative in order to save the shop he loves — and he just so happens to have an idea that could bring Bert’s back from the dead…

A World Premiere by a Philadelphia Playwright!

By Douglas Williams

Directed by Kevin Glaccum

Registration is free. Please come prepared to pay what you want to on the night of the show.

Register at no cost HERE

March 2, 2017 at 8:00

Performance Location: Proscenium Theatre at The Drake | 302 S. Hicks Street

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Where & When

Proscenium Theatre at The Drake | 302 S. Hicks Street

Thursday the 2nd Mar 2017

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