Book Club: Mad Women by Jane Maas

Book Club: Mad Women by Jane Maas

Avenue Friend's Special Event

Fans of the show Mad Men are dying to know how accurate it is. Was there really that much sex at the office? Were there really three-martini lunches? Were women really second-class citizens? Jane Maas says the answer to all three questions is unequivocally “yes.” Her book Mad Women, based on her own experiences and countless interviews with her peers, is a fascinating tell-all account of life as an ad woman in the male jungle of Madison Avenue.


“A bracing and consistently engaging look at the realities behind the fetishized nostalgia of Mad Men. Funny and informative, with the kick of a dry martini.” – Kirkus Reviews


Thursday May 31, 2017 at 5:45 Location to be announced


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Thursday the 31st May 2018

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