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Winter January 2015 Ave Flash
Avenue of the Arts, Inc. Launches Performance Package for 2007-2008 Cultural Season
September 11, 2008




By: Molly McAndrew

office: 215-731-9668

fax: 215-731-1861

September 11, 2008 (Philadelphia, PA): In its 14th year, Avenue of the Arts, Inc. (AAI) is continuing to be a catalyst for growth of the Avenue of the Arts, taking the lead in shaping and communicating a vision for Broad Street as an important cultural and entertainment hub. AAI continues to evolve launching a new Performance Package allowing arts patrons to enjoy a variety of different performance along the avenue.

The AAI Performance Package brings new audiences to the Avenue is designed to attract new audiences to the variety of performance venues and business along the Avenue. While many performing arts organizations offer a subscription packages to their regular season program, many patrons of the arts enjoy attending concerts and performances from many different genres. The AAI Performance Package offers an opportunity to support AAI by allowing patrons to create their own package for the season by choosing from eight participating venues. As an additional benefit of the program we are offering several “value-added” items including discounts and gift certificates to area restaurants and businesses, an exclusive AAI gift bag and larger gifts such as a cooking class with a well-known local chef, which will be distributed to larger Sampler Package purchasers who win a drawing. We believe that many patron’s will use the AAI Sampler Package as a opportunity to try out performances and restaurants they may have never experienced before, while taking in their old favorites. Thus is an excellent collaborative opportunity for area venues and businesses alike.

AAI will administer the program through our offices and via our recently redesigned website. We are maximizing the ease of ticket distribution by selling gift certificates to participating venues. PECO’s sponsorship will allow us to successfully respond to the initial strain on AAI’s resources to get the program off the ground.

During the pilot run of the “AAI Performance Package”, we are working closely with eight performing arts venues in an effort to provide patrons with a variety of performances to choose from. The Opera Company of Philadelphia, Merriam Theater, Philadanco, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, The Pennsylvania Ballet and the Philadelphia Theater company are but a few of the well known organizations that are partnering with us on this project. We are confident that the high quality programming offered by these organizations, coupled with the benefits of discounts and vouchers will draw audiences in from the Greater Philadelphia area. In addition we are marketing the package to young audiences and providing participating venues with the contact information they need to follow-up with individual subscriptions. Thus we are establishing audiences who will come to Avenue and return as patrons for many long years.

The goal of the AAI Performance Package is to support audience development by increasing awareness and visitation of the Avenue and marketing the Avenue as a diverse and unique cultural destination. We develop partnerships between businesses, arts organizations, and developers along the Avenue so that we may share each others success as the Avenue of the Arts continues to draw visitors from the Philadelphia area and beyond.

As AAI continues to grow as a dynamic advocate for the cultural landscape of Philadelphia, we will continue to collaborate with the Avenue’s many valuable business and organizations. Together, we make the Avenue of the Arts a cultural destination for our patrons in the five-county region.

For more information, please visit www.avenueofthearts.org.

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