Avenue of the Arts

Economic impact from arts and culture on the Avenue of the Arts has grown exponentially creating thousands of jobs and generating significant tax revenue for the city and state. A study completed in 2015 by the cultural data project shows that over $795 million of economic impact is generated by arts and culture activities on the Avenue. These activities have created over 10,900 jobs, $265 million in wages, $17.5 million in local tax dollars, and $22.9 in state tax dollars. The Avenue of the Arts continues to evolve with significant residential development replacing office space creating new sources for economic development and commercial growth. South Broad Street has been recognized by the American Planning Association as one of the “Great Places of America”. The Avenue’s renowned performance venues, luxury hotels and eateries, universities, and residences are just a few reasons why the Avenue was given this prestigious recognition.

The Avenue is an Economic Engine: From the Cultural Data Project & Econsult Solutions.

  • Arts and culture impact: $795 million, 2.8 million attendance
  • 10,900 jobs and $265 million in wages paid
  • $17.5 million in local taxes and $22.9 million in state taxes
  • 7 significant new development projects in the next 2 years- $900 million, 800 jobs
  • Residential development is projected to double

Avenue of the Arts, Inc.

Avenue of the Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 to promote the development, beautification, and marketing of the Avenue of the Arts. AAI has played an important role in transforming South Broad Street into a vibrant and growing destination where people go to live, work, shop, play, and learn. The Avenue of the Arts is the entertainment center of Philadelphia and the region. It is truly one of the most successful cultural, residential, commercial, educational and tourist locales in the United States. Our primary mission is advocacy for the interests of the Avenue of the Arts stakeholders on issues ranging from strategic planning to marketing and place making in support of the economic and cultural vitality of this great street.


Avenue of the Arts, Inc. 777 South Broad Street # 321 Philadelphia, Pa. 19147 TEL. 215-731-9668 President- Paul Beideman Email Paul Office Manager- Cynthia Bullock Email Cynthia
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